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A girl and her insecure boyfriend are meeting after her ballet class, when suddenly he is taken (without making a fright from him) by a flying monster to a dungeon that is not far from there, she then goes on a quest of her beloved ... Arriving in this dungeon, she comes across several deadly traps that seem more comfortable in a house ?! And elevators !? Arriving almost at the top of the dungeon she confronts this Monster and defeating him, she manages to reach the top floor of the dungeon, and finds her beloved playing video game (or whatever) quietly ...
Without understanding very well what is happening, she is furious, but he ends up revealing that it is the son of this monster that kidnapped him, showing his horns that until then were covered by his cap ... Soon they leave aside their differences and live happily forever.


Game Design, Lead Programmer, Level Design and Composer - Guilherme Gomes
Character Artist - Alex Kentaro 
Environment Artist - Pedro Ferreira
Interface and Background Artist - Domingos Quintanilha
Environment and Enemies Programmer - Lucas Guedes
Gameplay Programmer - Rodrigo Wiebbelling
UI Programmer - Carol Draganow


RunAfterHimBuild.zip 33 MB


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Really cute game. The graphics are lovely. You can become stuck though with no way of restarting the game.  Like if you miss a button you are just left running up against a wall. A little short but really nice :) Awesome work!